LUXCOAT is a diversified company specializing in business fixture refurbishment, tile grout beautification, polishing, electroplating, and renovation services. Our expertise extends to marble refurbishment, marble care, glass polishing, and seamless stone refurbishment for artificial stone. We provide comprehensive solutions for both commercial and residential clients, committed to delivering high-quality services and excellent craftsmanship.

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LuxCoat International Limited

We are led by leaders with over a decade of experience in renovation projects, committed to providing professional and high-quality services. Our dedication involves incorporating cutting-edge technology to advance premium commercial and residential services. Our primary clientele includes hotels, developers, contractors, major public institutions, interior design and decoration companies, hospitals, and residential properties.

Our services :

Sanitary Fixture Renovation Project

Sanitary fixture renovation services have become a revolutionary concept today, aligning with environmental sustainability and economic benefits, resulting in a rejuvenated appearance after refurbishment. LuxTone Bath Product Service, by LUXCOAT, employs the latest techniques in sanitary fixture renovation. The process involves the use of specialized instruments and tools designed by our company, following specific steps. We utilize specially designed materials and equipment to completely eliminate scratches and stains, restoring the original luster of the fixtures. Throughout the process, a custom infrared thermal instrument is used to enhance the adhesion of materials on the surface of the fixtures after renovation.

The materials are specifically designed for enamel and fiberglass surfaces, such as bathtubs, sinks, toilets, wall tiles, floor tiles, steam baths, enamel panels, fire boards, and swimming pools. All renovation materials have passed international testing and come with a three-year warranty, providing confidence and assurance in our services.

Polishing and Electroplating Service

To enhance our services, LUXCOAT offers Polishing and Electroplating Renovation. Whether the signs, gates, door locks, faucets, metal decorations, or lighting fixtures in your company or home made of copper, stainless steel, or mixed metals show signs of wear or become outdated, we can quickly and efficiently arrange for their renovation.

LUXCOAT has introduced cutting-edge technology from the United States and employs technicians with over twenty years of experience. We provide diverse renovation services to customers ranging from hotels, property management, developers to residential users. Choose from a variety of colors, including 18K and 24K gold, gunmetal, rose gold, antique bronze, pure silver plating, chrome plating, and more. The colors are elegant, rust-resistant, and guarantee long-lasting durability.

Marble Renovation and Care

Natural or artificial factors can cause changes in stone, leading to staining, discoloration, yellowing, rusting, as well as issues like efflorescence, weathering, cracking, scratching, corrosion, and water spots, resulting in a loss of luster over time. LUXCOAT has extensive knowledge of stone materials and employs the correct methods to care for them.

For maintaining the brightness of marble, the crystallization process has become a trend in marble maintenance over the past decade. It has proven to be a highly successful and effective method for preserving the shine of marble floors. With a wide variety of marble types, we carefully select different hardening agents based on the specific stone to achieve the most perfect results.

Stone refurbishment generally refers to the process of restoring the shine of dull marble or granite floors to their original mirror-like brightness. Beyond just enhancing brightness, we offer various refurbishment methods, including polishing, eggshell finish, hammering, sanding, chemical washing, and burning, to meet different needs.

Seamless Stone Renovation Project

In modern living spaces, offices, and the food and beverage industry, “seamless stone” is often chosen as a surface decoration material. However, after a period of use, seamless stone surfaces may exhibit varying degrees of staining, wear and tear, and loss of luster, and in some cases, even breakage.

Recognizing this, LUXCOAT aims to further expand its renovation services and uphold the company’s commitment to providing efficient and environmentally friendly services to customers. The company has specifically introduced technology for on-site repair and renovation of seamless stone. With a team of experienced technicians who have worked on refurbishment projects for different types and brands of seamless stone in the market, we bring an economical and time-saving renovation concept to various industries and property owners.

Glass Polishing Project

Glass has become a commonly used building material in contemporary architecture and interior design. In 2010, LUXCOAT introduced the distortion-free glass restoration technology from the United States, along with patented polishing materials. This technology addresses various issues on glass surfaces, such as scratches, acid rain erosion stains, water stains, burn holes from welding projects, damage from handling, and cleaning scratches. We focus on restoring glass to its original condition, providing comprehensive refurbishment and repair services.

LUXCOAT is a trusted provider of the highest quality glass restoration technology for major developers, contractors, and property management companies across Hong Kong. We are dedicated to delivering reliable and high-quality glass repair services, believing in providing customers with services that are both valuable and cost-effective.


LUXCOAT INTERNATIONAL LIMITED is one of the leading renovation companies in Hong Kong, offering a range of services including fixture refurbishment, polishing and electroplating, marble renovation and care, as well as contracting projects. With leaders who possess over a decade of experience in renovation projects, our commitment is to provide professional and high-quality services. We leverage advanced technology to develop premium commercial and residential services. Our primary clients encompass hotels, developers, contractors, major public institutions, interior design and decoration companies, hospitals, and residential properties.

To ensure the delivery of a higher standard and more efficient services, we entrust projects of various sizes to knowledgeable consultants and skilled technicians. We strive to provide comprehensive services for discerning clients. Upholding a commitment to quality service, we have garnered unanimous acclaim and high praise from clients and the community at large.


LUXCOAT selects high-quality materials.

With an SGS quality certification test report, our product is durable, with an aging resistance of up to ten years.

All renovation materials are imported from the United States, passing international tests with certification reports. They have also been tested and proven to meet human safety standards by the Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre, ensuring they are free from carcinogenic substances.

Materials and tools are of the highest quality, all designated by experts, and undergo strict quality control.

LUXCOAT is dedicated to providing high-quality renovation projects to cater to your refined taste and strict requirements, creating a beautiful living environment for you.

Renovation adheres to economic principles, not only saving a significant amount of money but also achieving results comparable to brand new fixtures.

Renovation aligns with environmental concepts, avoiding the generation of large amounts of waste that could harm the ecological environment.

Renovation helps prevent issues such as bathtub leaks or toilet backflows caused by poorly executed plumbing or waterproofing projects, which could inconvenience residents on lower floors. The renovation process is completed on the same day, making it convenient and efficient, saving time compared to replacement, which could take several days and disrupt daily life.

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