Flowers can face issues such as corrosion and water stains. As a professional stone care company, we are well-versed in the intricacies of stone and proficient in employing the correct care methods. To maintain the luster of marble, the crystallization and hardening method has become a popular and effective marble floor maintenance technique in recent years. We select the appropriate hardening agent based on the type of marble to ensure a perfect result.

Stone refurbishment is the process of restoring marble or granite floors that have lost their shine to a mirror-like brightness. In addition to providing luster restoration, we offer various methods such as polished finish, eggshell finish, hammering, grinding, chemical wash drip, and flaming, among others, to meet the diverse needs of different clients. With years of professional experience, we provide high-quality marble and granite floor maintenance services to ensure they always maintain a stunning appearance.

Our team not only possesses professional knowledge and skills but also has a keen attention to detail to ensure every job is flawless. Whether for commercial or residential spaces, we offer comprehensive stone maintenance and refurbishment services, breathing new life into your floors. Partner with us, and you can confidently entrust us with your most precious marble and granite floors, enjoying beautiful and long-lasting results. Make us your preferred stone care company, bringing outstanding care and refurbishment services to your floors.

Marble Refurbishment – Case Studies for Reference

Marble Care Case Studies

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20231029 140308 副本

Tsuen Wan Uptown Kai

20231029 140328
20231029 140328 副本
20231029 140317
20231029 140317 副本
20231029 140344
20231029 140344 副本
Before 9
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Fung Ling, Queen’s Hill, Detached House

Before 10
PHOTO 2018 07 17 18 19 57 500x375 1
After 10

Sunshine City, Tseung Kwan O – Marble Tabletop

Before 11
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