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Natural or artificial factors can lead to changes in stone, causing staining, discoloration, yellowing, rusting, and various forms of deterioration such as efflorescence, weathering, cracking, scratches, corrosion, and water spots, resulting in a loss of luster. Luxcoat has extensive knowledge of stone and employs the correct methods for stone care. In preserving the brightness of marble, the crystallization and hardening method has been a trend in marble maintenance for over a decade, proving to be a highly successful and effective method for maintaining marble floors. With a diverse range of marble types, we carefully select different hardeners based on the stone type to achieve the most perfect results.

Stone refurbishment generally refers to the process of restoring marble or granite floors that have lost their shine to a mirror-like brightness. In addition to restoring brightness, we offer various refurbishment methods such as polished finish, eggshell finish, hammering, sanding, chemical wash drip, and flaming.

In modern living spaces, offices, and the food industry, ‘seamless stone’ is often chosen as a decorative surface material. However, after some time of use, seamless stone surfaces may exhibit varying degrees of staining, wear and tear, scratches, loss of luster, and even breakage. Recognizing this, Luxcoat further expands its renovation services and adheres to the company’s commitment to providing efficient and environmentally friendly services to customers.

We have introduced specialized techniques for on-site repair and refurbishment of seamless stone. With experienced technicians who have worked on refurbishment projects for different types and brands of seamless stone, we bring an economical and time-saving renovation concept to various industries and property owners.

Seamless Stone Refurbishment – Case Studies for Reference

Sai Kung

The customer’s kitchen sink, after years of use, has developed numerous cracks and stains. Due to the constraints of the sink space and the desire for a larger and more aesthetically pleasing option, they have decided to replace it with a larger and more attractive quartz sink

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Opting for personal preference, switching from a seamless stone basin to a stainless steel sink is also a great choice, bringing a refreshing new look

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Hotel Reception Counter

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Yuching Pavilion

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Kitchen Seamless Stone (Tuen Mun)

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